My First Post- Sort Of?

First of all, I don’t know why I didn’t start this blog sooner.

A few years ago, I wrote under a different blog about health and fitness. I gotta say, I was pretty bad ass back in the day. What happened?

Well, folks. Life happened. I got older, school got harder, and suddenly my life was consumed with the hideous yet hopeful ambiance of the future. I graduated high school, moved to New York, and soon was living with my boyfriend in one of the greatest cities in the world.

Flash forward a bit. Finances and mental illness -actually, a whole lot of mental illness-got in the way, and I’m back in Texas working at perhaps my dream job at Southwest Airlines.

Things are OK here, but I need an outlet for my ramblings- a place to publicly share my thoughts, personal growth, and wellness, if you will. I hope this blog provides a fun and safe environment for people of all walks of live.



2 thoughts on “My First Post- Sort Of?

  1. I love this Im a follower! I know all to well what mental health can do. Im excited about this blog. I will be following. I added this to my home screen on my phone si I can see everything on this blog. Keep it up girl. Your strong and beautiful and don’t ever forget that. Xoxoxoxo


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