Dear Men Who Say “We’re Not All Bad!”


Listen. We f*cking know this. But if you have to sit there and say this, you are part of the damn problem.

We get it, all lives matter! But Black Lives Matter is an incredibly important movement meant to purposely highlight minority discrimination. You understand where I’m going here?

Sure, all penises matter! Lovely! But sir, just… stop. Sitting there and commenting how “not all men do this” on a post about a rape victim is not helping the situation, but rather invalidating and belittling the actual importance of the issue at hand. Adding your two cents ain’t doing much unless its’ going towards the bill, you feel?

two cents

I don’t need your Master’s Thesis on how you are the best example of a male feminist in the tri-state area. I would much rather you participate actively in gender and sexuality inclusive movements that progressively work towards a more equal, fair future for women of the present and generations to come.

Identifying as a feminist does not mean proactively hating men. It means refusing systemic oppression, standing up for equality, and not giving a shit if these things put a man’s boxers in a bunch. If you, as a male-identifying individual, feel the need to stand up for yourself in an already patriarchal-centered world… dude, who the fuck are you?

Kindly take a seat, sir.

fuck u



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