Cup Ramen for The Gods

Apparently, even Kylie Jenner eats the 1¢ Wonder of the broke. What a phenomenal way to relate to us mortal folk, Kylie!

Anyway, on another edition of “will this food make me throw up?” I pretty easily devoured cup ramen at work today.


Little did le me know, I apparently wasn’t supposed to *microwave* the already heath-hazard container. It ended up fine.


Look, even some pepper to make it a real meal!


I also drank boba today from one of my fave spots in Dallas. The lady was very nice and wanted to “match” my drink to my lipstick. Aren’t I a special cupcake?


On a much more important note, my puppy, Pickles, has somehow managed to find a way to escape his cage during the day while we’re gone. He’s a wizard, obviously, and much too cute to *actually* punish.

I have been relatively fine lately health wise. I should start working out regularly again, but I’m exhausted after work and really want to just crash right now! I’m managing some stretching each day and that has helped me a lot. Unfortunately, I notice that my Restleg Leg Syndrome really acts up more than usual when I’m stagnant throughout the day, so I feel as if keeping active is imperative to actually being able to sleep at night.

Physically, my back has been aching a lot. I have to minimize my medication intake, but will take Tylenol to help with this, usually at night. I have continued to take my vitamins too, which is a great *adult* thing to celebrate!

Mentally I am doing well, and see a great therapist weekly. My medication was reduced from my SNRI and PRN meds down to just my SNRI, so my anxiety has been harder to manage. But, I’m in a much better and more fluid place than I was even a year ago and feel like my overall sense of self and my ability to regulate has increased enough to compensate for the lower amount of medication. It’s still a shit show sometimes, but whose life isn’t?

Writing, talking, venting and surrounding myself with supportive friends and family has been very helpful in reducing my stress and anxiety.

I’m actually interested in competing in a loca poetry slam in Dallas, so if this commences, I shall record it and post it here. My sister is an active member in the poetry club at her highschool, so I am definitely inspired by her wit and skill to try it for myself.

Anywhoo, that’s a brief life update.


Let me know how life is going for you!!


Xoxo Nat


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