My New Years Resolutions

Usually I find resolutions to be pointless and short lived. Most of us give up after a few weeks of trying something new, anyway. But I am really set on accomplishing at least most of my goals, so I hope to check off as many of the following as possible.


  • Move closer to work. I’d love to find a nice apartment for me and Pickles and Pocket.
  • Begin seeing a personal therapist weekly and consistently. I’ve kinda already started this, so I want to absolutely maintain this throughout the year. I want to find a therapist who is the right fit for me.
  • Strive for better mental health and better peers. NO MORE toxic friends, relationships, coworkers, or even family. I want to prioritize my health and wellness for once and not allow myself to be surrounded by negative people.
  • Start classes at Krav Maga at least 3x per week. Or some sort of bad-ass workout. I started working out again a few months ago and want to keep a regular schedule, and I especially think that sports like boxing or MMA would not only be a great way to stay fit but help me with self defense.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. Between stress and no appetite, I really need to remind myself to eat during the day. I know this can only be aided so much, because my medication suppresses appetite as well. But if I am able to eat healthily and relatively consistently during the day (not too much, not too little), I will be proud.
  • Work on getting back into school or in another academic program. After working with so many mental health professionals at my job, I have become inspired to study again and maybe work towards a career in medicine or psychology.
  • READ! This seems to be a popular one, but I really want to read at least 12 new books this year (average of one per month.)
  • Start a hobby. Volunteering, theater, something local to keep me busy and my mind active.


Do you have any goals for the new year??

xoxo Nat

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