Meet My Fur Babies

Long time no see. Instead of filling you in on my boring and stressful life stuffs, I am going to *virtually* introduce you to my beautiful fur babies.

Fun fact about me: my first word was “cat.” My mimi babysat me as a baby and had two beautiful Himalayas, so there’s no wonder I’m a cat person, by preference. (I won’t mention that my Mimi’s cats also peed in my crib pretty frequently out of jealousy. That’s beside the point…)

While I was living in New York, I watched a cat for a couple for a few months while they travelled/moved/escaped the country/whatever they needed to do for half a year. The cat was a total shit head. With that being said, when I got my own place, my then partner was super hesitant towards getting another cat despite my relatively convincing pleas. Instead, we settled on searching for a small dog to live with us in our cramped and over-priced Manhattan apartment.

After some searching, we stumbled upon the ACC in East Harlem with our fingers crossed. We were actually about to leave empty handed until I took one last look in the smaller dog area, where they had just finished walking the doggy that would soon be mine!


Introduce: Pickles. 

Other names include, Poopoo, Sh*thead, Peepee, Lil’ P, and of course, Babycakes.


He is a beautiful mutt. We think he is a Poodle-Maltese mix, but my mother insists he is long and skinny enough to be part Dachshund. He enjoys belly rubs and for snacks he prefers cucumbers, frozen coconut and sometimes carrots. Pickles is also known to steal your food when you aren’t looking, so watch out!


My favorite part about Pickles is that he is just as needy as I am. (Que awkward laughter here.) He is insistent on sitting with you while you poop, and snuggles next to you as you sleep. Ladies, he’s single!!



The latest addition to the family is a lady-kitty adopted here in Texas, from a government shelter near Dallas. They were conveniently running a special when we came to adopt. The kitty was a mere $20 adoption, as she was part of the VIP pets who had been in the shelter longer than average.


Meet Pocket (aka Hot Pocket.)

She is very obese (almost 19 pounds!) and looks just like a real-life version of my favorite iconic feline ever, Pusheen:


We currently have her on a low-cal diet and try to get her to move around during the day. She mostly, however, prefers the top-of-the-fridge view.


Being uber close to the food doesn’t hurt, either.



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